HitmanPro against police themed Ransomware

Recently we’ve seen a rise in the number of computers infected with police themed Ransomware. The malware shows a message, supposedly from the local police, demanding that a fine must be paid in order to unlock the computer.

Various sources promote the use of a rescue-CD to get rid of the malware. But if you don’t want to perform this cumbersome task of burning the CD-image and changing your BIOS settings to boot from it, you can also run HitmanPro from a USB stick to remove the Ransomware.

We’ve made the following short video to illustrate how easy it is to remove the police themed Ransomware with HitmanPro.

The video shows the use of HitmanPro’s unique Force Breach feature (introduced in March 2010) that kills all non-essential processes, including the malware processes that try to prevent HitmanPro from starting.

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