Silicium Security partners with SurfRight to provide malware removal integrated in ECAT

By incorporating HitmanPro Incident Response, ECAT provides built-in malware removal to its customers. Silicium Security will present ECAT with malware removal at the RSA Conference.

San Francisco, CA, February 28, 2012 – Silicium Security, the provider of ECAT advanced malware detection, today announced at the RSA Conference that it has partnered with SurfRight to give ECAT enterprise customers integrated malware removal within ECAT. ECAT customers will now be able to push a silent background remediation agent to machines identified as compromised with known malware. The agent then remediates the endpoint, removing malware traces, without needing to re-image.

By leveraging SurfRight’s HitmanPro technology, ECAT now provides a broader feature set for facilitating incident response from detection to resolution. “With ECAT we focus on finding the most difficult-to-detect, potentially damaging malware like advanced persistent threats that are targeted at enterprises with the most intellectual property to lose. By incorporating SurfRight’s highly regarded remediation agent, we deliver best-of-breed functionality to what is already the best enterprise malware detection system on the market” said Chad Loeven, Silicium Security’s VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Advanced malware threats are not only masters in disguise, but also use various methods to make them difficult to remove.”, said Mark Loman, CEO of SurfRight. “Today’s malware is often protected by watchdogs and piggybacks on critical system files or boot records to subvert Windows and antivirus software, even before the operating system boots. Specialized techniques like those used by HitmanPro are needed to ensure the malware is thoroughly removed, once and for all.”

Silicium Security will be presenting ECAT V.3.3 with remediation at booth #340 during the RSA conference.

About SurfRight
Founded in 2006, SurfRight ( is an innovator of online security, focused on developing new applicable technologies to fight malware, spam, phishing and other forms of cybercrime. SurfRight has years of specialized experience in removing sophisticated threats that have silently embedded themselves on systems that were deemed safe. With millions of users globally, its HitmanPro product family include content filtering and security solutions for computers and home networks.

About Silicium Security
Since 1999, Silicium Security has been delivering innovative enterprise security solutions to a world-wide customer base that includes government, corporations and public institutions. Today, we are recognized for our signature-less malware detection and unique approach in protecting strategic corporate information residing on Windows-based computer installations. Silicium’s flagship product, ECAT, was introduced to the market in 2007 and set the standard for enterprise compromise assessment and threat detection.

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