Sitecom and SurfRight release Sitecom Cloud Security

SurfRight and Sitecom have released Sitecom Cloud Security, a unique and innovative security service that protects all devices in a home network against cyber crime. Sitecom Cloud Security is integrated in the new Pure E-motion | X-serie 2.0 gigabit (modem) routers of Sitecom.

The router checks each URL request and each file download through our servers on the Internet (the Cloud) after the service is activated. The user does not need to install anything. Dangerous websites are blocked by the router including phishing sites and sites that are hosting viruses or other malicous content. Users are also protected against downloading files that contain viruses, spyware or other malware. The service can also block advertisement that will improve browsing experience and will load web site content faster. Sitecom Cloud Security is powered by the proven technology of Hitman Pro.

See for more details.

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