Microsoft cures 260.000 TDL3 infections

Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT) cleaned over 260,000 computers that were infected by Alureon (aka TDL3 or TDSS). See for more details.

MSRT is effective against TDL3 up to version 2.273, but it has no effect against newer versions of TDL3 (spreading since April 2010). Hopefully Microsoft will be able to clean these soon. But the good news is that at least these 260,000 people were rescued.

From our own user base, we see that 32,610 computers were infected with TDL3 while 22,607 computers (69.3%) has an up-to-date AntiVirus program installed. Most AntiVirus programs will be able to prevent an infection. But after the machine is infected, many AntiVirus programs have difficulties detecting and removing an infection. TDL3 is spreading since October 2009.

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