G-Data best in AV-Comparatives’ on-demand Anti-Virus test

Independent test organization AV-Comparatives has tested 20 Anti-Virus products in an on-demand test in February 2010.

G Data scored highest in this test, with a detection rate of 99.6%. See http://www.av-comparatives.org/images/stories/test/ondret/avc_report25.pdf for the full test report.

AV-Comparatives commented: “Percentages refer to the used test-set only. Even if it is just a subset of malware, due its size, it is important to look at the number of missed malware. For example, 0.3% means almost 3700 missed malware samples from the used test-set.

This is in line with our experiences. Even the best Anti-Virus program is not protecting you 100%. Users should use second opinion scanner regularly, just to be sure.

2 Responses to G-Data best in AV-Comparatives’ on-demand Anti-Virus test

  1. Todd Prior says:

    I recently used the latest version of Hitman to scan a computer at work. It found a file that it suspected to be infected. Netatcvnl.dll. I allowed Hitman to remove it. I cannot find any reference to this file anywhere.

    The computer now requests this missing dll whenever a program is run and several times on windows start up.

    I can’t seem to correct this error but if I keep cancelling the warnings the programs usually run after that.

    I was hoping a registry search or tool would help but I have run a few with not sucess.

    Any thought anyone???


    • Erik Loman says:

      Hi Todd. I ran the file through VirusTotal and file in question is indeed malicious. Though I think there is still a registry key pointing to the deleted malware file causing the mentioned popups. I have sent you an email with instructions to resolve this remnant.

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